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Bug Zapper Pro

Bug Zapper Pro

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Child Safe, Double Sided, Easy Clean, Odorless, Pet Safe, Quiet, Rechargeable.

  • Easy to Install - The Bug Zapper Pro is extremely easy to install, just attach the 3 pieces that come in the box and place it in the desired location. Great to campaign, gardens, picnics, and more.
  • Weather Resistant - The Bug Zapper Pro mosquito killer is weather resistant. It can be used during harsh weather conditions without getting damaged. Built last through the changing seasons.
  • Long-Lasting Hours - The solar-powered Bug Zapper Pro can last up to 8 hours after being fully charged. It only takes 12 hours to fully charge during the nighttime. Great for outdoor locations.
  • Widely Use - The Bug Zapper helps repel mosquitos, flies, gnats, and more. It is also great for traveling. It is lightweight and easy to install when you go camping, fishing, and picnics.
  • Environmentally Friendly - The mosquito killer is environmentally friendly. It does not need electricity, wiring, or batteries. It is also quiet, safe, and not harmful to humans. Kills insects easily.

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