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SaltyMF 8oz Candle Black Tin

SaltyMF 8oz Candle Black Tin

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 Warning: Lighting these candles may cause excitement, strange erotic thoughts, and an erection!

Our Love Spell, this floral scent used when luring that person who has been aloof, inattentive, and not meeting your needs. Ladies, control the SOB with this scent and have him eating out of your hands by the end of the evening. Guaranteed he is doing dishes and laundry for a week. You are Welcome! 

The Big Wood, our Cedar Leather scent, Gentlemen if your woman has been reading highlander novels and sleeping in a hazmat suit for the last 10 years, light this thing and install a stripper pole immediately. She may still get all your money, but it is now on your terms. Enjoy!

Dirk’s Garden,  a Cucumber Mint scent, farmer Dirk only blends the biggest cucumbers and freshest mint leaves to create the perfect aroma for our candles. Light this candle and transcend to that barefoot moment in a field gazing up at the stars or looking into the eyes of that someone special knowing it’s about to go down.

The Double Scoop, our Vanilla Sugar scent, the subtle what’s that smell, I like ice cream and I like cake! Light this candle and everyone in the room will break out into the chorus, “I wanna lick you from your head to your toes”. It's a good time, burn one.


Paraffin free soy wax blend with fragrance.

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