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The SaltyMF Hand Crafted Black Walnut Charcuterie Board

The SaltyMF Hand Crafted Black Walnut Charcuterie Board

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The SaltyMF Black Walnut Charcuterie Board. Truly one of a kind black walnut live edge Charcuturie board inlaid with the SaltyMF GOAT in food grade epoxy and black diamond pigment. Each board isapproximately 18 inches long and 11-16 inches wide. The width depends on the tree we are workingwith at the time. No two boards are the same.

SaltyMF supports local artisans.
These works of art are provided by Big Dawg Custom Woodworks.
Mother nature spends years creating a masterpiece... Wind, rain, sun, snow, drought, flood, lightning and virtually any natural encounter you can think of make these boards truly one of a kind. 

Each board has intricate details specific to itself including grain pattern, checks, cracks, knots, holes, etc. This is what makes each board so unique. We support these unique features and voids with food grade epoxy where appropriate, with wood coloring and with a vibrant color palette to add to them being one of a kind. These are not machine made by the 1000's in a factory and minor imperfections expected with unique, handcrafted works of art working with natural materials.

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